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How to Buy YouTube Views

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There is no better way for you to get yourself the promotion that you need on YouTube than to buy views. Now you may be wondering, why would I buy YouTube views when my goal is to generate them organically? And we do have to explain the process a little bit. We are not suggesting that you will continuously buy views for your videos for many months. But what we are saying is that you may want to do this during the initial period of your channel, because it can really make a huge difference to how your channel is perceived.

Let us think about this a little bit. When you come across a video on YouTube, and you see that it has around 100 views and one or two likes, are you going to watch? Unless the video was posted a few minutes ago, or it was posted by someone you know personally, I very much doubt that you would take the time to watch the video. You would assume it is poor quality and that is why it has no views. That is how most of us react on sites such as YouTube. Views and likes mean so much.

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So when you are out there and you are doing your best to make sure that you get your videos seen, buying views and likes helps so much. When someone sees your video and they see you have 10,000 views and many hundreds of likes, what are they going to think? They will assume your content is really good and popular. And they will watch your video. If they happen to enjoy the content you put out, they may even subscribe to your channel. So buying views for your first five to ten videos can really help out build your channel up!