A multicultural engagement with 123 movies

Oh no, not again. Or rather, oh yes, let’s have a conversation about multicultural affiliations. Whether you like these or not, and whether roadblocks are placed at strategic points in the world today, walls are being broken down in many other parts. This is up for debate but there is no considerable evidence of the world’s enrichment through cultural diversity being broken down any day soon. In fact, movie producers, screenwriters, directors and even accomplished and influential actors have been pushing the envelope on these broad-based genres for a number of years.

And have you noticed how quickly enraged many of these influential movie stakeholders, including their millions of fans on social media networks become, when there appears to be some diversion from the rich possibilities from exploring multiculturism on the silver screen. If you look at 123movies‘ catalogues, for instance, you will see plenty of evidence of keeping our rich cultural diversity intact.

As an enterprise towards giving online members as much choice as possible, it is also good for business. And the beauty of it is that members no longer need to spend a fortune acquiring their sentimental or personal favorites of multicultural genres or dramatic genres that explore multiculturalism from different angles, if you will, or different sub-genres. Multiculturalism is even in evidence in the proverbial testosterone-enriched action movie genres, although it must be said that much work is still needed to tone down on the irrelevant and non-contextual inclusion of prejudice, no matter what form it takes.


Instead of waiting for your network channel to come up with the goods, you can go ahead and have a multicultural engagement of your own by streaming or downloading your own genre-specific movies or TV schedules.