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Health advice and warnings for new e juice smokers

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This short, informational article on the utilization of ejuice among regular smokers focuses mainly on the health issues. It wishes to draw the fine line in reminding smokers who have newly acquired their electronic cigarette or pipe smoking accoutrements, along with the e juice solutions, that smoking is still bad for them, even while ending their long and excessive association with traditional commercial tobacco products and crossing over to electronic cigarette smoking.

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The main health warning given to new purchasers of all new e-cigarette and juice products is that their e juice solutions will still contain nicotine, albeit in substantially less quantities than those ever experienced through regular tobacco smoking. The other warning, an obligatory and committed text inclusion on all electronic cigarette or pipe products, is that nicotine remains an addictive substance. It has been argued by smoking enthusiasts that the smoking of e-cigarettes will, however, be far more beneficial to their health in the long run.  

It has to be said, though, that this is largely a subjective and sentimental argument. It is unqualified and goes completely against the grain of good health advice. Like consuming only the occasional soda is still bad for you, any amount, and especially this substance, of nicotine remains bad for the human body. Any ingestion or consumption of chemical solutions not for acute medicinal purposes is also unwholesome.

Nevertheless, the argument is understood and appreciated. Because, try as they may, and many have tried, many smokers just can’t kick their harmful habits in the butt. So, the smoking of e-cigarettes instead of extremely poisonous commercial tobacco is something of a just compensation and may well lessen the risks of smokers contracting diseases or illnesses associated with smoking.